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Civic Pride

Streetscapes Build Civic Pride


civic streetCivic leaders and people responsible for planning and building our communities are finding that it is not only possible, but very practical to balance natural elements with man-made structures.

Concrete plays a key role in transforming cities and towns into beautiful, exciting, thriving areas that support the environment, as well as benefiting residents, businesses, and the community. Concrete’s natural reflectance brightens roadways, parking areas, and sidewalks. It looks cleaner and stays clean-looking longer than any other construction materials.

Decorative and colored concrete pavements are breathing new life into urban areas, increasing civic pride. Red-colored, stamped concrete is used to simulate brick in crosswalks or otherwise to create decorative patterns, which enhance the appearance of the cityscape.

Designers have even added state symbols, pictures and other decorative aspects to concrete roads, bridge columns, crosswalks, and more.

For planners and public works officials looking to enhance the beauty and functionality of their cities and towns, concrete pavements are the undisputable choice.