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The True Cost of Ownership is What Matters


Every time you pump gasoline or diesel fuel into your car or truck, you are paying taxes for
transportation infrastructure. Go through a toll booth, and that, too, is a payment for the road under your tires.


Taxpayers and road-users own the roads and deserve the most informed decisions on how their money is invested.


street repaving

Concrete pavements are unquestionably the right choice because they almost always have the lowest total ownership cost, and because concrete’s lasting nature requires far less maintenance than other common materials, like asphalt.


For decades, engineers and agencies settled for lower quality materials because concrete was slightly more costly to build up front. Even so, the real savings happened later, because they did not require frequent maintenance, repairs, or replacement. And, even in those situations, concrete pavements still cost as much as one-third less over a 30- to 40- year life cycle.


That “first-cost” gap no longer exists today, because increases in other road-surfacing and construction materials has been much greater than for concrete. Today, it is not uncommon to see the first costs and the longer-term life cycle costs equal to or even less than other materials.


The first cost and life-cycle costs of concrete pavements provide an excellent value to cities, counties, and townships… and pack a powerful “one-two” punch that helps protect the investments of taxpayers and government agencies! For economic reasons, concrete pavements are the right choice beneath your tires.



Special Report: Dramatic Shift in Paving Costs Could Save Taxpayers Billions (PDF)
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